Who Are We?

Codepipe Limited located in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, was founded in 1999 by David Carter following 20 Years in the computer & communications Industry at many large multinational companies. During the many years service in the computer industry an in depth knowledge of telephone systems, CCTV systems, field service engineering, installations and networks has been attained, and it is knowledge that is now brought to you now through Codepipe Limited. We are committed to bring our level of expertise to even the smallest of companies whom the larger communication specialist look on as being to small to bother about. We all need communications and no company is too small or to large to bother about, whether this is by voice, data or visually, and we are here to make sure that can take place. We don't look at our contracts as just another job, we look at them as a challenge and partnership that can grow and mature over the years. We hope to learn from each other and build a solution that is the best for both parties. We strive to be the best in the industry and bring our knowledge together with yours to improve your environment and exposure on the World Wide Web. We are always looking at innovative ways to use the Internet as this is a true Wide Area Network, if all your sites are connected, then you are all connected together. With the correct security in place you can turn this open network into your own Virtual Private Network. With the advent of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) the world of cheap intercontinental communications is taking off. We at Codepipe can help you put in place an inter office communications system for a lot less money than you may think. If you already have the Broadband / Static connection to the Internet then you are half way there. We don't just concentrate on Internet access we can accommodate any type of connectivity you require, from the simple one modem dialup to a full global network either cable based or satellite based, the only constraints are your imagination and cost effectiveness.

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